Copy and paste between pages in layout not working

I’m looking for help solving a copy and paste issue. When I’m copying inserted images, specifically 8m png files from one layout page to another, nothing happens. Is this a common issue or is there a common solution to this?

Does that mean 8 Mb image files?

It’s certainly not a common issue. Can you share an example LO file in which this doesn’t work?

I attached a screen shot of the page I’m working in. The elevation seen on this page is from an old pdf that I converted into a png. The image is scaled and clipped. when I try to copy that elevation to a new page nothing happens. I’ve also uploaded a layout file that is having that issue as well.
_000 Copy Paste Issue.layout (7.1 MB)

The image file is large enough that it takes a moment or so for my computer to copy it to the clipboard and then retrieve it for pasting but it seems to work fine for me. Maybe you are giving it enough time?

Encouraging to see it work on your end, but even when I give it plenty of time it still does not paste.

Are youusing the Context menu, Edit menu, or keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste? What happens if you duplicate the page instead?

I’ve tried both pull down menu and keyboard shortcut. And I’m pretty sure its copying. When I use the cut command it disappears, but nothing will paste. I don’t know if I have clipboard issues or not. The issue is also reoccurring on my colleagues computer as well. We are using MAC OS 11.4.

I am seeing this issue (with this image) as well on Mac, but only for this one PNG in the file.

I tested copy/paste for other images in the file and inserted my own (large) PNG files, and copy/paste between pages worked as expected with these other image assets. If we can figure out what might be causing this one image reference not to be handling properly, I will chime back in with advice or an update. If other Mac folks are seeing this on their own PNG files, we would definitely like to know.

The image being copied and pasted (or failing to paste) is 12384 × 8713 pixels in size. If that was printed at 300 dpi it would still need the paper to be 41 inches across, so, pretty big. But, you are working on a 36" by 24" document, so maybe you are working on a landscape movie poster size document.

I’m trying to find out if the size of the PNG exceeds a macOS limit, or if it’s a LayOut limit. @Adam may know if there is a limit for the dimensions of an image.

As you know, you have a clipping mask, and if you could isolate the part of the image you’re showing, it would only be about 3500x3500. That is still quite big, but should easily copy and paste.

Per @colin’s suggestion, I changed the size of this image down to a 8000 pixel width, and there is no longer a problem cutting and pasting between pages.

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Thanks everyone. I found a similar work around by cropping the images down in photoshop to a smaller size and reinserted. Seem to work much faster and copy paste as well.