Merge multiple Layout pages


Lets say you have two layout files of the same SU model. But the LO files vary just slightly. Is there a way to merge parts of one layout file with another. Thanks in advance. A P Reed


Possibly. You could copy the contents of a page in one file and paste it to a page in the other LO file. You will may have problems if you copy the SketchUp viewports from one file to the other due to multiple references to the same SketchUp file (if both LO files reference the same SKP file.) You will alsolike create issues if you have viewports that show the scenes as modified which is something you should avoid anyway.

Is the paper size the same in both files?


I always thought you couldn’t copy & paste between LO files, just within the same LO file?


You can paste about anything into a LayOut file, watch the insertable contents in file->insert.
Including LayOut files and parts of its content. You can also take snapshots with a screenrecorder and paste them in a LayOut file.
In general, it is best not to paste images from the clipboard, though, but to insert an existing file. That way, if a reference get’s lost, you can relink it in Document SetUp.


There’s no problem copying and pasting between LO files.


Make sure that you use a template in which you have set the Layers the same in both documents. Pasting will loose the layering of the objects otherwise.