Copy and paste in layout

I am trying to combine pages in layout in order to export them together, and most of the posts on here said to copy and paste. However, when I copy a page and go to paste it, it gives me a different image. For example, I sent a sketchup file of a cabinet to Layout, and when I went to paste it on the other page, it just pasted the component without the shelves.

So you’ve got multiple LayOut files you’re trying to combine into a single one? Share the LayOut files so we can see what you are working with.

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Cabinet wall.dwg (16.3 KB)
cabinet.dwg (16.3 KB)
I exported them, let me know if this format works.

No. That doesn’t work. Just save the files and upload them. They’ll have the extension .layout.

cabint wall.layout (4.2 MB)
cabinet.layout (2.6 MB)

OK. I’ll look at them. Which one are you trying to copy from?

I was trying to add the individual cabinet shots to the page with the wall.

Actually it doesn’t matter. You haven’t created any scenes in the SketchUp model. All of your viewports in both files use Last saved SketchUp view for the “scene”. When you paste the copied viewport to the other file the viewport reverts to the last saved view. Create scenes in the SketchUp file to show the model as you need to see it in your LO document. Then use those scenes for the viewports.

Your model needs some cleanup, too. You have z-fighting from multiple faces in the same place. This is due to the lack of thickness in the cases and walls.

There are a lof of exposed back faces that should be corrected, too.

What information do you need to get from your model and your LO document?

That makes a lot of sense, how do I go about creating scenes? I’m trying to get the shot of the wall with the bike and cabinet, and the cabinet by itself with the shelves.

Probably ought to start with the fundamentals of SketchUp at

Create scenes by setting up the camera position to show the model as you need to see it. In the Scenes panel in the Default tray click on the + in the circle (top left corner of the panel) to create the scene. In the lower part of the panel edit the scene’s name to something that makes sense.

You appear to have three copies of the cabinet in the model. Are they all supposed to show the same thing?

Are you going to need to create shop drawings from this model?

What dimension units are you wanting to use. In Model Info Units is set to Architectural (feet and inches) but the cases are about 3’3-19/32" wide which seems odd. I thought you might be wanting to work in metric units but that makes them about 1005 mm wide which is strange, too.

I created the copies of the cabinet rather than simply creating scenes because I wasn’t sure how to. I’m trying to use Architectural, the overall length of the cabinet is going to be around 23 feet with seven faces, so I made each case around 3.3 feet. That might be why it looks a bit strange, I’m not sure.

That would be the reason for the odd dimensions. They’ll be a pain to create in the shop, though.

Curious. You’re working in Architectural units but the paper size you selected in LayOut is A3 which is a metric paper size. Is that what you want?

As a quick example I reworked your model. I took a few liberties with dimensions and construction method. You can see how each viewport is tied to a scene in the SketchUp model. This prevents the sort of changes you were seeing in your LO file’s viewports. Also, since none of the viewports rely on the Last saved SketchUp view, you can go back to the model file and make edits without having any issues with the Camera position being changed when you save the edits in the model.

Right click on a viewport to open the embedded SketchUp model. There you can see the scenes I created. Also note that I gave the objects tags so visibility can be controlled. I used the same elevation scenes on both the first and second pages but on the second page I set the scale to 1/2" = 1’0" where on the first page I used 1/4" = 1’0". Setting scale is made possible by setting the Camera to Parallel Projection for those scenes in the model. On the second page I turned off the visibility of the tags for the floor/walls and the bike storage so it’s only the cases visible.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Garage Cabinets.layout (2.5 MB)

Thank you so much! This has been super helpful. I have been using A3, but I intend to work with Architectural units. Which format should I be using instead?

It depends on where you are, what paper sizes are readily available, and if you’re going to print the resulting PDFs, what size your printer will handle. I used Tabloid (11x17) because it is close to A3.