Expanding a detail in layout


I’ve imported a 2d model into layout and I want to expand a small section of it to show in magnified detail. So if you imagine a note/text line pointing to a point on your model and instead of text you see a zoomed in image if that makes sense so I can show greater detail. How would I do that?



did you start with scenes in SketchUp?

You can make a new viewport for the detail. If it is a parallel projection view, change the Scale in the sketchUp inspector window and drag the sides of the viewport to encompass the area you want to show.


Thanks for the response.

I didnt start with scenes. I’ve actually started a model using the 2D template so all I really doing is transporting it as is into layout. I’ll give what you said a go though.

Many thanks.


You should be creating scenes in SketchUp even if you are using a 2D template. These define the views you’ll use in LayOut. If you aren’t using scenes when you go back to SketchUp and change the view before saving it. You’ll find that your viewport changes in LO.

Also, avoid opening the viewport to pan, zoom or orbit. You can change the size of the viewport and the part of it you are looking at by moving the edges of the viewport.

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