Sketchup Drawing in Layout

Hi guys, I have been using Layout to show off my drawings from sketchup however I am having an issue that I dont think I can solve myself or via light googling and was wondering if anyone could help.

When I import my drawing it imports fine and I have no issues. However when it doesnt seem to let me send it to back when I right click it as sometimes when I draw ontop of it the objects go through it. I have discovered this happens more when the drawing is in Rastor so I have been doing the majority of it with the drawing in Vector.

If you need some more information feel free to ask.

Many Thanks

Can you share a LayOut file that shows this issue?

One thing to note about Send to Back, Send to Front, etc. is that they only work on content that is on the same layer. If your viewport is on a layer higher in the Layers list than you are working on the viewport will be over the stuff you are adding.

The Layer thing worked. Thanks very much

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