Text with Dimensions

I’ve added my text to the SketchUp view real nice and pretty. But when I go to the Layout view, it has disappeared. How do I make it reappear?

What kind of text did you apply? Can you share the LayOut file? How you make it reappear depends on why it’s missing. Hard to tell without seeing the LayOut file.

Why not add the text in LayOut?

R-3.3.2-ResSF.skp (338.4 KB)

I’ve just got the updated 2020. thanks

You had a couple of Hide functions turned on for the dimensions in SketchUp. Turning them off will allow the dimension to show in LayOut.

Screenshot - 7_28_2020 , 4_36_36 PM

It would be better to add your dimensions in LayOut instead of in SketchUp. You’d have better control over the way they look and where they are placed.

YAY. thank you.

You’re welcome.

By the way, what are these dimensions? Did you type them all in yourself? They don’t seem to match the actual dimensions in the model.