Layout Dimension Visibility (or INVISIBILITY!)

Hello all:

When I add dimensions to the viewports from my SketchUp model while working in Layout, the dimensions do not show above the viewport, but instead behind the objects. For instance, if I would like to show a dimension for any internal part of an object, the dimension lines and distances draw behind the object and are not visible until you extend the dimension outside of the object space. I have tried to use the ‘bring to front’ button or ‘send to back’ button but this does not correct the issue.

Please help, I need to be able to show all dimensions of my work besides just the outside length and width of an object.


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Could you share your LO file so we can see what you have going on?

Are you inserting the dimensions in LayOut? Are you putting them on a layer lower in the list than the layer the viewports are on? If so, the viewports will cover the dimensions. You need to put the dimensions on a layer higher in the list than the viewports.

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I am inserting the dimensions in LayOut. It was my understanding from reading some message boards, that this was the preferred way to operate between the two programs. However, as I am new to both programs, I am certainly open to new suggestions!

How do I work layers in Layout? Wasn’t aware that there was that ability.

As I suspected, you have your dimensions on a layer lower in the list.

The dimensions are on a layer called Unique Elements…

…while the viewport is on the Default layer.

The blue square indicates the layer of the selected entity. The pencil indicates the active layer.

You can create layers for specific types of content and place that content on those layers. Place things like dimensions and text on a layer higher in the list than the viewports.

Ok, that is very helpful. Thank you. So LayOut operates like SketchUp with the layers concept. I can assign the viewports to their own newly created layer and the dimensions to another layer, as you have done in the pictures shown.

Thank you for the help.

No! Unfortunately sketchup and Layout use the term "layer " for very different things! Layout uses it in a more or less standard way for 2D apps to organize content into a virtual stack in which layers “above” other ones obscure the ones below. Sketchup layers are visibility controls shared by multiple objects, but there is no stacking order and no organizing structure beyond visible or not visible.

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