All new entities are hidden behind viewports

I was able to draw geometry, dimensions and annotations just fine anywhere on my sheet in Layout, including on top of viewports. Now for some reason I cannot, even though it is in the same drawing. The old lines, dimension etc. stay on top, even if I copy them, but anything new I create gets hidden behind the viewports. NOTE: I have tried several times to send the viewports to the back, and send the new dimensions, lines etc. to the front, and this does not solve the problem.

If anyone has any insight as to what the cause of this problem is I would greatly appreciate some advice.

Thank you

You are probably adding your annotations to a layer that is behind the layer your SketchUp viewports are on. The stacking order of layers is determined by their order in the Layers tray. You can bring your objects into view by moving the layer above the layer with your viewports. The Bring to front/Move to back/… commands only work within objects that are on a same layer.



Hah! Yes that was exactly the problem! Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Why did I spend two years learning to draw in SketchUp, to then have to re-learn how to draw using vastly less effective drawing tools in Layout? It’s like translating English to French, so you can then translate the French to Arabic, something that wasn’t meant to be, the languages are barely compatible.

Why would you “draw” in LayOut? It is a presentation tool for SketchUp models. The only thing you need to draw in LO are page elements like titlrblocks, and annotations (if you choose to use LO for them(.