Layout 2019 Dimensions and Lines

I have just upgraded to SU 2019. In Layout i was always able to draw over model or display dimension on top of model. This doesn’t seem to work in Layout 2019. Any help is appreciated.

It should work. Can you upload the LayOut file showing it?

test.layout (369.0 KB)

You need to put your dimensions on the Dimensions layer and move the Dimensions layer above the Drawing layer.

Ah. Thank you.

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You’re welcome.

BTW, you should be creating scenes in SketchUp instead of using Last saved SketchUp view.

Is there a reason for using Scenes? (I do this already but just curious if there is a specific reason why)

Yes. Scenes are what define what you want to show in the viewports in LayOut. The scene properties, including camera position, visible layers, style properties, active section cut, etc. are all defined in the scene.

It’s good practice to avoid modifying scenes in LayOut, too. You want to maintain the connection between scenes and viewports so that when you make changes to the scenes in SketchUp, those changes show up in the viewports in LayOut.

Devine you use scenes to create the viewports on your drawings. Then you can loc

2_4639%20N%20BEACON%20AVE_100769748 k the layers and use Sketchup with Layout like Autocad.

After all these years, I hadn’t considered locking viewport layers. That would at least avoid mistakenly shifting your scene. Thanks for that.

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Yes. Locking layers that contain viewports is a good idea. I create layers in LayOut based on the types of entities that will go on it. Text and dimension layers go at the top of the list.

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