Layout select tool problem


In Layout when I try to select a layout line, it selects the viewport (scene) behind it instead. If I right click it DOES select the line. If I hide the viewport’s layer, select works fine. I’ve tried “arranging” the viewport to the back.

I must be missing something basic. Obviously the purpose of Layout is to mark-up a scene from SU, so I need to SEE the scene, not hide it.

Any ideas? (attached is the layout file I’m working on).

Kitchen v1.layout (891.3 KB)


You’ve got the viewport on the Default layer which is at the top of the list. Everything else that is on a different layer will be underneath the viewport. You should rearrange the layers so that the viewport is on a layer that is below all of the other drawing entities you want to put over it as well as the dimensions and other text.

FWIW, In my LayOut templates, I have layers set up like this:

Dashed lines
Every page text
Title text
Page borders

Model1 is where viewports go unless I’m stacking them and then copies go up. Model1 is also set to be the active layer when I save the template so when I use Send to LayOut or open the template to insert the SKP file the first viewport winds up on the right layer.


THANK YOU DAVE! I had no idea about the order of layers in Layout. Thanks also for the bonus explanation on the “arrange” command. It’s like nested layers.

You encouraged me to migrate to layout for my dimensioned drawings, which is what you see me doing now.

Thanks again,


You’re quite welcome, Ron.

In SketchUp, layer order has no impact on what appears in front of what. In LayOut, layers are like layers in Photoshop where order matters.

I don’t remember that bonus explanation but since you bring it up, Arrange offers Bring to Front, Send to Back, etc. These only affect entities on the same layer but don’t work between layers. I suppose you could think of it as giving you nest layers or major layers and sub layers.

Generally I would suggest layers for entity types. Send to Front/Back for controlling the way overlapping entities of the same type appear.