First Time Using Layout. Unable to mark on top of viewport model, even after sending to back

EDIT: Using 2018 Pro

I have never had the need to work in Layout until now (Well, I suppose I DID, but just didn’t know how great it was). Everything, for the most part makes a lot of sense and I went back in and organized my SketchUp drawing to help flow in layout.

One thing that I cannot seem to figure out is that I am unable to mark on top of some viewport models made from SketchUp scenes.

Even if I select the model and choose Send to Back, Send Backward (and conversely pulling the label to the front, in this example). It is like the Model is locked furthest forward. What am I missing here?

Here is the example of what I mean with this label (the label is actually supposed to be pointing to the left side of the right cabinet, as indicated by the red circle)

It looks like you are working on a layer below the one the viewport is on. The Arrange options only work for entities on the same layer. You need to put your text on a layer higher in the list than the viewport.

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HA! I JUST came back to say that right after I posted this question, it was glaringly obvious and was able to fix it straight away. You are correct indeed!. Thanks!

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Good deal. Easy fix.

Since I just made the screen shot I’ll add it. This is the layers list for one of my typical templates.
Screenshot - 8_19_2020 , 1_40_41 PM
The Model layers are for model viewports. Art Text is for labels and other text that aren’t dimensions or title text. Also, the Model1 layer was set as the active when the template was saved. Generally my first action for starting a new project in LayOut is to either Send to LayOut in SketchUp or open the template and use File>Insert to add the SketchUp file. Having Model1 as the active means the first viewport will be on the correct layer. Then copying the viewport to make additional ones will normally put them on the Model1 layer, too. If I want the viewport on another Model layer, I either move it or make that layer active and paste to the current layer.

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