Label call outs in Layout

Using labels to make SU call outs in LO the arrow seems to stop at the edge of the view port? Something simple i’m missing for sure. thanks.

Do you mean that the leader line disappears behind the SketchUp model view port? That may just be a layer ordering issue where the label is on a layer that’s behind the model.

If that’s not the issue, then a screenshot may help us visualize the problem.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s what I mean, attempted to arrange order without success, below is the screen shot:

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I can’t quite see the Layers inspector in your screenshot, but I’m guessing that you have the model viewport on one layer and the labels on another? “Bring to forward” (and similar commands) only work inside a particular layer, so if you want the labels on top of the model you’ll need to re-order your layers to make sure that the label layer is on top of the model layer.


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Thanks Marc,

Starting to understand the various layers, appreciate your help.