Layout Dimension Line Disappears

I am dimensioning a house plan and when I do an inside dimension it disappears when I do my left click. any dimensions outside the model work fine. This happens when I am on the dimension layer. If I change to the default layer it works fine. I, obviously, have a dimension layer entity set wrong but I have spent hours looking for a solution but to no avail. If I go to a different Layout file everything works fine. Any help would be appreciated

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Can you share the LayOut file?

You bet. Thi is the first file I have created in Layout so there has been nothing done on lightweights, etc.


Cottage Garage Upper Floor~.layout (2.11 MB)

So the main problem I see is that you have the viewport from the SketchUp model on the Default layer which is above the Dimensions layer. That means any dimensions you put in that go across the model will be behind the model view. Drag the Dimensions layer to the top of the list and that won’t be a problem.

Screenshot - 6_29_2020 , 2_32_08 PM

Thank you for your response. I didn’t know you had to move that layers you were using to the top. Everything is working properly. Thanks again.


You don’t have to move the layers you are working on to the top. Layer order determines what shows up on top of what in LayOut. Generally you will want things like dimensions, labels, and other text to be on top of the viewports from SketchUp so those layers should be higher in the Layers list than the viewport layer(s).

This is new new separate problem bu tI thought this might be the easiest way to present it.

  1. I have made up 24x36 architectural template. When I insert my sketchup file I get the red box instead of the blue box. I have done all updates and file saves but to no avail. I can pick a standard template and everything works. I am attaching the template file plus a Sketchup file. They may show up at the bottom

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


24X36 .layout (78.9 KB)

Cottage Exterior.skp (3.52 MB)

The dark red bounding box on the viewport (or any other entity) indicates it’s on a shared layer. In your case you have created your template such that the shared layer called On Every Page is the active layer. That means that the viewport ends up on that layer when you first start the project.

File saves and updates aren’t in it.

Here’s the layer list from one of my templates. Note that the layer called ‘Model’ is the active one. That’s where the first inserted viewport will end up. Also note that layer is not shared.

Screenshot - 7_29_2020 , 12_50_34 PM

Content on a shared layer will show on every page. This is useful for things like auto text page numbers, copyright notice, page borders, etc. Probably not what you want for Sketchup viewports, though.

Before you save the template, you need to make sure the appropriate layer is active. Again, it should be the one where you want the first inserted content to go.

By the way, your profile indicates you are using the free web version. Since you are using SketchUp Pro, it would be helpful if you update your profile.

Again, I am contacting you with a major problem. I am rapidly concluding that Layout will NEVER replace a cad program. The latest is that I took my floor plan into Layout and exported a PDF file which worked well. However, the next time I opened the Layout file the 2 viewports had moved and overlapped an the viewport with the file will seldom come up. The “NOTES” viewport appears with one click but the “PLAN” viewport seldom comes up no matter where or how often I click. I have been unable to place the viewport back where it belongs so have not been able to update the changes I need. I am attaching the Layout file and the PDF file.

Separately, I used my Layout file for elevations, created a second page and made 2 scenes in Sketchup to show color views of the front and rear renderings. I have done the 2 viewports but I can bring up the front elevation in the first viewport but when I switch to the second viewport and select the rear view it will not change. The 2 scenes in the Sketchup file are correct and I can switch between then easily in Sketchup. I decided to check the Layout file before I attached it and, now, it changes from front to back but the two windows are in an elevation view rather than a 3D view. Layouthas a mind of its own and I am wasting hours on it. I have other problems with sketchup not filling in polygons but that for another email. I need to decide whether to purchase Draftsight. I will make that decision after your response. I certainly have better things to use $200 on.

FYI, I am a cicil engineer so have an understanding of plans, etc.


Main Floor Plan 2.layout (1.74 MB)

Main Floor Plan 2.pdf (347 KB)

Well for me (and others) it does replace a CAD program and much better too (in our opinions)

Layout viewports won’t actually move unless you move them, however, if you change the scene view in SketchUp and save that scene then the corresponding scene in the Layout viewport will change and you may think that the viewport has moved but it’s the scene that has changed…

I’ve just noticed @DaveR is replying so I’ll defer to him! :grinning:

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I can’t tell from looking at your file what has happened. I’m curious as to what the path to the .skp file looks like in References on your machine. It’s different on mine because I don’t have the original .skp file resident.

I do see some problems with your Sketchup model such as incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 8_7_2020 , 4_44_26 PM

And a lot of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 8_7_2020 , 4_42_58 PM

As Paul says, unless you changed the camera position for the scene in SketchUp, the viewport (or the model within the viewport) wouldn’t move.

I get the feeling that you are just finished with LayOut and not really interested in getting the workflow sorted out so you don’t create these problems. It feels like you are only looking for an excuse to drop it. If that’s the case maybe there’s no need for us to put any more effort in. If on the other hand, you are really interested in getting your work flow right in Sketchup and LayOut I am happy to help as are others here.

You mean the NOTES textbox

I don’t quite understand this

The PDF doesn’t really help

Dave refers to workflow. Perhaps looking into some tutorials might help…?

I find some of the Mike Brightman tutorials on Youtube useful. There’s the TheSketchUpEssentials tutorials and many others.