Layout Dimension Line Disappears

I am dimensioning a house plan and when I do an inside dimension it disappears when I do my left click. any dimensions outside the model work fine. This happens when I am on the dimension layer. If I change to the default layer it works fine. I, obviously, have a dimension layer entity set wrong but I have spent hours looking for a solution but to no avail. If I go to a different Layout file everything works fine. Any help would be appreciated

Can you share the LayOut file?

You bet. Thi is the first file I have created in Layout so there has been nothing done on lightweights, etc.


Cottage Garage Upper Floor~.layout (2.11 MB)

So the main problem I see is that you have the viewport from the SketchUp model on the Default layer which is above the Dimensions layer. That means any dimensions you put in that go across the model will be behind the model view. Drag the Dimensions layer to the top of the list and that won’t be a problem.

Screenshot - 6_29_2020 , 2_32_08 PM

Thank you for your response. I didn’t know you had to move that layers you were using to the top. Everything is working properly. Thanks again.


You don’t have to move the layers you are working on to the top. Layer order determines what shows up on top of what in LayOut. Generally you will want things like dimensions, labels, and other text to be on top of the viewports from SketchUp so those layers should be higher in the Layers list than the viewport layer(s).