Help with layers

I must be doing something wrong with layout but can’t see what! I want to move objects from a layer to another. What I am doing is selecting the layer to make it active, selecting the object which is on another layer, right clicking move to current layer and the object disappears. What am I doing wrong?

It sounds to me as if the active layer is also turned off. Is the eye symbol to the right of the layer name gray? The alternative is that the active layer is lower in the list than the layer another entity in the same location on the page and so your selected entity is behind it.

HI Dave
The eye is not greyed out. I am not sure what you mean in your second sentence.

In LayOut, the order of the layers in the Layer list matters. (It doesn’t in SketchUp) If you have something like a filled rectangle on a layer higher in the list, it will obscure entities on layers lower in the list if they are in the same location on the page. If you were to share your LO file with me, I could tell you in an instant what’s going on. Otherwise it’s all conjecture.

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I am amazed at your quick helping hand and wonder if you ever sleep! Just moved the order around and it seems to be working now. Thank you very much.


I don’t sleep much. I blame my father for that. :wink:

As an example, here are the layers I have in the order I keep them. [S] after the name indicates it’s a shared layer which means the content shows on every page for which that layer is visible.

Text (This is for labels and other text that isn’t part of the title block, page numbers, page titles, etc.)
Break lines (This is for those squiggly break lines used with long parts when there’s nothing to see between the ends. I have these high in the layer list so they will mask hatches and other entities that I might want to run underneath.)
Dashed lines
Model 4 (For stacked viewports)
Model 3 (For stacked viewports)
Model 2 (For stacked viewports)
Model 1 (I set this layer as the active layer for my templates so the first SketchUp viewport winds up on the correct layer.)
Fold lines [S] This is a template-specific layer. I have a template for a large size sheet that gets folded for packaging. I made a grid in cyan to show the fold lines. I try to keep important information off those lines. This layer is always locked and gets turned off before export to PDF)
OEP Text [S] (This includes page numbers, page titles, title block text, etc. It is usually locked after I add the appropriate project-specific info.)
Borders [S] (Page and title block borders. This one generally remains locked.)

I used stacked viewports frequently but never have more than one of those viewports on a single layer. For some projects I might add a few more model layers if needed.

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You are way ahead of me. I sort of follow the gist but still at the starting line. Some days I think I am not even that far!

I see you have break lines mentioned here. Did you make them? What do they look like?

I just draw break lines. They aren’t any big deal to do. I’ll make a screen shot when I get home and post it.

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Sorry for the delay. I got sidetracked last night. Here’s an example of break lines I drew in LO. You can draw them to look any way you like.