Dimensions have changed

I updated from Sketchup 8 to Skectchup 2017. I imported drawings I did in Sketchup 8 into Sketchup 2017. I noticed that all of my dimensions have increased about 4 times what was listed as 3 feet is now listed as over 12 feet. Is there anyway to return the dimensions to their correct size. I did enter them correctly in sketchup 8.

Can you share a SketchUp file that exhibits that?

Preferably both the original v8 file, and the one saved in v2017 - I have both versions of SU installed and can open both in their native application.

I will create 2 PDF files of the drawings and send them to you.

PDFs won’t help us sort out your problem. Please upload the SKP file.

Since it is unlikely that SU itself changed the dimensions, I wonder if by accident when you were using the Tape Measure tool to check the dimensions in your new file, you changed the scale of the whole model?

See https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000095 for how to do this deliberately.

Could you have done it by accident?

I finally got the instructions in the Help Center to work. I was just
not doing it correctly. thank you very much for you help.


So you’ve got it back to the size you wanted?

Yes, it is now showing the correct size. Thank you very much.

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