Measurement problem

Hello, my name is Annette
Unfortunately I have a problem. While I was editing an object, the
dimensions suddenly changed and more cm were displayed for each measurement
than before.
I would be grateful if you could help me to restore the old measurements.

Open the model info panel from the right edge (small i in a circle) and change the number of decimal places there.

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What were the old measurements, ft and ins, mm etc? You might find this useful.

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I interpret this as the measurements got larger. “more cm”. as in going from 5cm to 7cm? If this is the case it sounds like you have scaled the entire model. To restore the previous scale you could use the tape measure tool to measure one known edge, then immediately type in what should be the correct dimension for that edge. SketchUp will ask if you would like to resize the model, say yes.


Thank you

Could you update us on the solution please.

You helped me so much. Thank you

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