Layout Dimension not working properly

I am trying to place dimensions in layout and it will not work properly. It will work fine on one page but will not on the other. When I try to place a dimension, it gives me a red x and says “model intersection” and continues to snap to the corner of the viewport that I have inserted. The other page works fine and I can snap dimensions all over the viewport with no problem. Can anyone help me figure this issue out?

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

Stone House Plans (Layout File).layout (5.9 MB)

Page 3 will allow me to place dimensions. Page 4 will not

I’ll take a look.

Thank you

See if you can add dimensions to the page 4 viewport now. Strangely when I looked at your model it was showing that the scene was set up for the Bottom standard view. I changed it to the Top. No apparent change in the view of the model but dimensioning now seems to work in the LayOut file. Give it a try.
Stone House Plans (Layout File).layout (6.9 MB)

I do see a lot of unused stuff in the LayOut file. Note the difference after purging.

Also some incorrect tag usage in the SketchUp file and some unused stuff to purge.
Screenshot - 12_29_2023 , 2_06_31 PM
Screenshot - 12_29_2023 , 2_06_49 PM

I’m curious as to why you are drawing 2D elevations and plans in the SketchUp model. That seems like doing more work than you should need to do.

There is a lot that I have self taught myself. I don’t know all of the correct methods. What do you recommend for learning? I’m not an architect, I just bought it so that I could draw my house plans. I only know enough to be dangerous. And thank you I will check it out

I would start with and go through the SketchUp Fundamentals as well as the LayOut tutorials.

okay thank you. and this is what it looks like. let me know if you can’t access the screen recording. If not, don’t worry about it. I will figure it out. I appreciate your help

That’s odd. I’m not seeing that. Is that in the LO file I uploaded?

Yes, I am sure it has something to do with the sketch up file that it is linked to. There is no telling what I have done.

I had to go out for a little bit but I’m back now and looking at your SketchUp file. It looks like it’s the relatively huge area over which you spread the parts of the model that is causing the issue. When I reduced the model to just the floor plan in the First Overall Plan scene the issue went away.

It’s no problem. It sounds like I need to go through there and clean everything up and organize it.

Best would probably be to build a 3D model of your house and if you want to show the lot, keep it at the origin instead of scattering the elements across the state.

Check your PMs.

Will do. It started out as a test/trial file but then I started pulling it into layout. I will create a new file and re-think my methods. I really appreciate all of the help you have been able to provide!

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