Layout dimensions not working properly


dimensioning in layout is giving me dimension of where i click…if i click on 2 points which are not strictly on the x-x or y-y axis ( i.e. I am clicking on diagonal points) the dimension will lock on to the diagonal dimension and will not give me the true x-x or y-y dimension.,.,need the true x and y dimensions…not the distance between clicks…anybody help?


Is this different from your previous thread on dimensions?


same…happened again and cant really see why . seems to be in the sketchup model as i copied the items within drawing and pasted into another sketchup and it seemed to be ok…also revisited other drawings and they dont do it…


Are you creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LO?




Are you opening the viewports in LO to adjust camera position?


sometimes but usually not…


You really shouldn’t at all. Is the dimension issue occurring on viewports you’ve opened?


YES always


Does it happens on the ones you don’t open?

As I said, you shouldn’t be opening them to adjust the view.


This dimension is supposed to be 2" not 2-1/2"

Ok I think I figured out my problem with this, My scene view in SU was not aligned with a standard view i.e. Top, Front, Back, Side. So I copied the group off to the side and rotated it to be aligned with the red axes and updated my scene accordingly

Hope this helps someone out


Is the camera set to Parallel Projection for that scene?


Yep, it is.


Did you try Align View with the face selected?


Yes, That was what I did the first time I believe, would you like me to send you the files so you can check them out.