Layout dimensions don't respond

I’m having a challenge with Layout dimensions. When I insert a SU scene and then attempt to dimension the drawing I get a mixed bag of scales/dimensions. Some point to points show the correct scale, others are full scale and I’m unable to change those scales in the drawings. I’ve attached a screen shot to show the results. Included is a screen shot of the

Just guessing: Your SketchUp Model dialog shows “None” in the Standard View field. Are your problem scenes using Perspective projection instead of Parallel, or are they somehow slightly skewed?

I think you’re on to something. This opens another issue which is that my model has rooms that are on a 45 degree angle to the rest of the model which creates all kinds of challenges with the standard views. No solution here but helps with understanding. Thanks.

For info: in SketchUp you can select a face, right-click and choose “Align View” to get the camera looking straight on at that face.

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Great solution. I went back to the scene and Aligned View that wall and when I inserted that Scene the dimensions scaled correctly. However the Standard View field remained at None. Don’t know exactly why but it worked. Thanks.

The standard view field says”none” because that aligned view is not one of the standard front, right, back, left, top, or bottom.

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