Layout dimensions

dimensioning in layout is giving me dimension of where i click…,.,need the true x and y dimensions…not the distance between clicks…anybody help?

Can you show an example?

if i click on 2 points not on x axis they will give diagonal dimension… am i going crazy…i thought it always gave the x -x dimension

you see the shorter dimension is true, but the longer dimension stays on even though iv “dragged” to the x-x

Hmmm… When I try something similar, I get the expected results. X dimension, Y dimension and the diagonal.

Perhaps you could post the LO file? Or at least part of it.



Did dropbox link work??

Yes. You could have just uploaded it to the forum directly.

I’m looking at your file while I’m trying to get ready to go to work. I see what you are getting at. The dimension given is the diagonal distance between clicked end points even when the dimension is parallel to an axis. I’m not sure if that is intended behavior but I can see it would be unexpected on the user’s part.

yes very annoying

One thing I noticed that is odd is that the viewport shows the Standard View as None although in Sketchup, it shows as the Top view. After selecting the standard top view in SketchUp, updating the view and saving the change, the updated viewport in LO shows the dimensions as one would expect. The top 648 dimension is the one that was showing the diagonal dimension before. How did you create that scene in the first place? I think it has something to do with the way you did that.

The model shifted in the drawing window and thus in the viewport when I selected the standard top view but you can see the dimensions are now what you would expect. The dimensions also shifted due to the change in location of the model.

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have noticed that parallel projection changes to perspective while im working…could be addition of spacemouse recently?

Is it really changing to perspective or changing to an Iso view as you would get with orbiting? That viewport did show as Parallel Projection when I opened it in SU but the model was off to the lower right. when I selected the standard top view, the model shifted to the center as I would expect.

Maybe it does have something to do with the Spacemouse. You could switch back to a regular 3-button mouse and see what happens.

thankyou thankyou…dont know why it flips to this behaviour but at least i know how to escape the dimensional errors…thankyou

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If you have saved your scene in sketchup with a view angle like front, right, back, top, etc. you select your scene in layout, and you dimension isn’t working right - THEN, you’ve probably bumped the view - so reset it to front, back, top, etc. or, you didn’t save the scene correctly, and its not top, right, etc.

I had this problem and it appeared that if the scene wasn’t perpendicular Layout won’t dimension aligned from points not on the same… plane?.. it will try and grab the diagonal dimension and won’t let you pull that sweet aligned horizontal/vertical dimension between two points that aren’t “aligned”. Even if the out of top, front, right, etc. alignment is (&() small.

I’m having the same problem. The dimension showing 0’-0" i of course changed because I wanted to show the dimension i’m fighting with. Layout is giving me the dimension on an angle to the two corners. I’ve attempted to make the scene adjustments you are describing but apparentlyFraming Detail Plans.layout (164.4 KB)
am missing one or more key steps. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You’ve missed a couple of important steps in Sketchup.

  1. Set the Camera to Parallel Projection and then select the standard Top view.
  2. Create a scene specifically for that view.

Then in LO, select that scene in the Sketchup Model window. You can also select a scale for it if you want. After you’ve done those things I think you’ll find that dimensions behave more like you expect.

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Thank you Dave, that did it!

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