Dimensions to Layout

I rarely use Sketchup to replace CAD but I am today. Please excuse my lack of experience. I’m having a hard time getting my dimensions to transfer from Sketchup into Layout. They are appearing as sketchy boxes. What am I missing to correct this?

Thank you!

Screen Shot Attached!

I have seen problems like that before. I can’t remember if/when it got fixed, but as you have a SketchUp 2019 license, you could try working in that version, and see if the problem goes away.

You can get the 2019 disk image from here:

Mac SketchUp 2019 disk image

and I had the license manager send your 2019 license to you. Look for a new email that is about your license being resent.

I was able to fix it by converting the model from Raster to Hybrid. I need to take a SketchUp class to further educate my skills. Is there one you recommend?