Print picture to scale

I have a very basic shape that my wife created in SU pro 2021. It is 25.75 inches in height. We have access to a plotter and she wants to print the side view of the shape to scale so that she can trace the image onto wood, cardboard or whatever material she chooses.

What is the best approach fro this in SU pro?


Use LayOut

so that will allow me to print it to the 25.75 inches i need?

Once the scene is in layout, what do i need to do? i assume i need to make paper size to be 30 by whatever i need?

Select a paper size that is appropriate for the size of the model.

In SketchUp set the camera to Parallel Projection, choose the appropriate standard view, and create a scene. Save the SketchUp file. Open LayOut, choose a paper size large enough to show the thing at full size. Then File>Insert, select the SketchUp file. Select the viewport and in the SketchUp Model panel choose the 1:1 scale.

perfect. thanks. i have used layout to make working drawings, but never at full size haha.

i will give this a go and report back.

You’ve made scaled views of the model before, right?