Print to Scale in Sketchup Pro

I looked up a tutorial and it says to go to “Print Preview”. Isee that there is a Print Size option that includes Scale - the pull down menu does not have anything in it so I added “1” in the printout and a “12” in Sketchup to see if it would print 1in:1ft - but it does not work.

Any suggestions?

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Share your skp file so we can see what you are working with. Since you have SketchUp Pro, doing this in LayOut would be easier and give you more control.

Do you have the Camera for the scene set to Parallel Projection?

I have a simple 2D drawing. Trying to learn program.

I thought it would be best to use Layout as well but I have not figured out how to print it to scale. I see the option to “Scale Drawing” but it seems to apply to anything you are adding not to the drawing imported.

Would appreciate the help.

Bath Vanities counters.skp (250 KB)

Take a look at the attached files. I set up a scene in the SketchUp file to show the model. Then I sent it to LayOut where I set the SketchUp Model viewport to 1"=1’ and added the dimensions. I set the paper size so the view would fit at that scale. Finally I exported a PDF which if printed actual size will give you the view at the right size.

Bath vanities counters.pdf (209.1 KB)
Bath Vanities counters.skp (248.1 KB)
Bath vanities counters.layout (636.2 KB)

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Very appreciative of the help. It also looks like it is best to add dimensions in Layout mode. This will definitely help me get over this hurdle and get on to my next learning experience.


I prefer to do the dimensioning in LayOut. The dimensions tend to look better when done there.

And you’re quite welcome.

Out of curiosity, is it just the counter tops you are interested in or are you doing the whole piece?