Printing full scale from SketchUp 2018

Like to have students draw design in top view and print it full scale. They will use this as a copy for their assignment. I tried to make this work today but no luck. The print would be undersized or print on 2 pages with 2 empty pages for a total of 4 pages.

I may need to use Word or another CAD program to make this work…

With SketchUp 2018, they have access to LayOut and it would be easiest to do what you want them to do there. Create a scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection and the standard Top view. Save the file and send it to LayOut. After choosing the paper, they select the viewport and set the scale to 1:1 in the SketchUp Model panel. Then Export a PDF and print that without scalining or even just print directly. (I prefer to make the PDF, though.) You don’t need Word or another CAD program for this.

In LayOut:

Exported to PDF…

… and ready for printing:

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When printing small objects (such that would print on a single A4 page to full scale) from SketchUp, zoom in so that your object fills the screen as completely as possible. If necessary resize yous SketchUp window to match the object’s proportions. Then, when printing, uncheck the “Use model extents” box from the print dialog - it doesn’t work with small objects (a bug that has been there all the way from v.3.0).

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Try here…

Can a person draw a top view in Sketchup pro. Copy. Open Layout and paste the copied view?

It’s not copying and pasting and generally you would avoid copying and pasting between SketchUp and LayOut. You set the camera to show the top view of the model in SketchUp. Then create a scene for that camera position. Save the file and then in the File menu, choose Send to LayOut. LayOut will open, you choose the paper size, and the viewport showing the scene will appear on the paper. With the viewport selected you set the scale as I described above.

Pretty much followed directions. I did not select actual size in the in printer selection.

I did find that we needed to scaled drawing and select “make scaled drawing” bc it then allow ortho to be selected to then select Full Scale. Then we printed copies in full size. It worked.

Sounds like more work than you really needed to do but if you got it done, OK.

Ortho was greyed but turned blue if I went clicked onto make a scaled drawing.

What that tells me is you didn’t follow all the steps I outlined. You need to set the camera to Parallel Projection and choose the standard view before creating the scene in SketchUp. Then in LO, with only the one scene from the SU file, you would only need to set the scale.

Okay, I followed your instructions tonight. That worked. I did have to click onto the drawing in LO to activate Ortho. Worked great. Thanks for the heads up Dave.

You shouldn’t need to select Ortho in the SketchUp Model panel if the scene is set up correctly in the beginning. Sounds like you are getting closer to it. Good deal.

I did not need to select Ortho but clicked the drawing to activate Ortho as it is greyed until then.

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Yes. It would be gray when there’s no viewport selected. You only need to select the viewport to set the scale if it isn’t already set correctly.

I’m learning! Thanks again Dave!

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