From 3d model to 2D print?

Im getting a Sketchup model from Canvas that is a wall with an oval window opening.
I need to model a oval frame, and a shutter that will fit within the window opening.
I need to get to a version I can print out on paper, for a paper shutter template, and a file for a CNC service.

Can I simply draw in my ovals with lines? no pushing/pulling into 3d ?
Then place the oval lines flat on an axis, delete everything else, and then print out accurate ovals?
I’m mostly worried about getting distorted prints.
I’m also worried about if I’m even going about it correctly.

I’m signing up for Sketchup Pro, which gets me Sketchup Layout…Layout sounds promising.

Yes. You could draw the thing in 2D and then use LayOut to generate a PDF on paper large enough for printing. You could generate the 2D “drawing” from a 3D model using Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view. It may be that there is some value in having the 3D model, too. Up to you.

Layout is a useful tool. The more you use it, the more you will understand what it can do for you.
The more time you put into learning how it works, the better it works.