Can Imake 2 D scale plan drawings from a 3D model


Can Imake 2 D scale plan drawings from a 3D model


Sure. People do it all the time.

However, SU is a sub-optimal tool for making 2D drawings: certain drafting conventions are difficult or impossible to implement, it’s difficult coming up with a standard page format with margins, title block, and notes, the dimensioning package is very limited, and printing to scale is difficult (and exasperating) but not impossible.



Bear in mind that SketchUp is not intended to be used primarily to represent 2D drawing information.

SketchUp Pro comes with a companion software program, Layout, which is designed to produce 2D documents from SketchUp models. The model is imported directly into Layout and various views such as plans, elevations, sections and details are saved as pages . You can also save perspective views for reproduction in 2 dimensional formats. The LO document can be saved (printed) to pdf format which facilitates distribution to various users. You can add notes and dimensions as desired and make selected modifications to your view.

If you are using Make, you will not have these options available.


You’ll find more about the exasperating part here … Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Site