3D model to lasercut slices

Hi, How do you brake a 3d model apart in horizontal and vertical parts to cut with a laser cutter? Want to make my own 3d Puzzles.

You can get the SketchUp STL Export extension:

Then export your model as an STL file, and use Slic3r on it.

Wikipedia: Slic3r free software 3D slicing engine

Create a cutting plane and make copies at the depth of the material to be cut. Lap them over your model. Select all and intersect with model (making sure your model is grouped). Delete extra lines and organize your slices for export:

Note, you may have to clean up some of the slices (like around the ear) due to loose geometry…

Tig has a plugin that will slice a solid model for you along various axes, produce a flattened copy and export the individual slices as .png or .dxf.


Very good for 3D-printers: components exported as STL can be printed.
And attention because very little letters : all parts are even numbered !

Many thanks !

The size of the lettering is one of the parameters you choose when setting up the slicing.


You MUST have the TXT.ttf Font installed - it is available in a ZIP file from the Tool’s main ‘Feedback’ page… You can also download it directly from this link…"

Edit: it´s not a bug, it´s a feature ! One should install that only if one really want it. !
I don´t need flattened text !
I didn´t change the default 12mm font first . The picture shows my 2. test with 72 mm font and the best ist, one can put the letters on the slices, cut them out and so on…

Re my ‘Slicer’ http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=TIG_Slicer
You should install the TXT.ttf into your Fonts folder [after extracting it from the downloaded ZIP - linked in the Overview section: http://sketchucation.com/forums/download/file.php?id=81087 ].
When SketchUp starts it should be available in the fonts listed in the 3dText dialog.
This is the simplest ‘stick’ font around.
Your example seems to show Arial - which suggests TXT is not installed ?

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Not installed - just extracted to the SU-plugins-folder - I was in a hurry !

Thank You for the help and the plugin !

Edit : now it´s installed correct, but that is nothing for me - that may be necessary for others.
I like the possibility to cut out the numbers.

To print a “Schablone” (template?) with special fonts (like the army uses) - that´s my way.