Slicer download

How to download slicer, says it needs a digital signature

Which “slicer” are you referring to? What exactly is the message you are getting?

Slicer plug in. I’m a newbie

Which one? From what source?

Can anyone steer me in the right direction to get the slicer plugin, and let me know how to install it

I’ve been trying to help you but you won’t answer my question. There are a number of slicer extensions for SketchUp.

I found one slicer each on the Trimble Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Plugin Store. Both sites require that you create a login id before you can download anything, but creating an id is free both places. If that’s what you are writing about, just follow the instructions on the site to create an id.

Thanks, ill give it a try

The usual method would be to export a STL file and use an external slicer program anyway…


Probably they are not what the OP is looking for. They are used to cut a model into parts in various ways, not actually to prepare it for 3D printing. The STL to slicer application method that @Cotty posted is probably the thing.

True. But the OP asked about a slicer extension not specifying what they wanted it for. As there are at least three that I can think of by different authors and from different sources and the OP still has yet to answer the question as to which one they referred to in their original question, we don’t know for sure.

I would be using for parametric wall art

Can you upload example pictures?

Can you clarify your use for us so we can get you the right answer. Are you wanting a “slicer” to prepare your models so you can 3D print them on your home printer?

Or to “slice” a model to form “contours” that you can cut out of plywood or other material? (that is what the slicing plugins can do)

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Yes exactly. I download it from sketchunation. Can’t get it to open

Extension manager has a gear Icon in the upper right click on it and select unrestricted

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