Eneroth Slicer problems

Im new to sketchup and my purpose is to use is to ammend stl files to 3d print drone parts. I started to ammend a file the other night and i need to resize something. Ive been advised that eneroth slicer will be best. Ive installed the extension and can see it in the extension manager buts its blanked out and i cannot use it? Can anyone help as to why i cant use it? Ive checked to make sure that it is enabled but it just wont work?


I think perhaps you are confusing a SketchUp “Slicer” extension with a “Slicer” that is part of the workflow in the 3D printing process.

The Eneroth Slicer is a SketchUp extension that is used to ‘Slice’ up a volume. I am not familiar with it, but apparently it is useful in real-model making or in finding areas in master plan volumes. Not at all clear that it would be useful in modifying a STL file.

A 3D printing slicer (which I am familiar with) prepares the selected model (oftentimes a .stl file) for the 3D printer, by generating G-code. G-code is a widely used numerical control (NC) programming language … and G-code (in the form of a .gcode file) is what you load into a 3D printer to actually print something.

There are a wide variety of slicers. The two I use most often are the Ultimaker Cura and the PrusaSlicer. Both are free to download and use.

Now, back to SketchUp. A typical workflow would include: Design (or modify a design) in SketchUp … export the 3D model as a STL file … load the STL file into a slicer … export the G-Code … and then load the G-code into your 3D printer … print.

If you are trying to modify an existing STL file, you can import a STL file directly into SketchUp … work on it directly in SketchUp … and then export it as an STL file … et cetera. In my experience STL files imported into SketchUp are a bit messy … high poly counts at the very least … be prepared for a tedious job.

Regardless, everything you have mentioned is mainstream. You will be able to find numerous tutorials on the web for each step in the process.


E. Godsey

hi thanks for the reply, Im fully aware of the difference between the 2 and i use ultimaker cure and simplify3d to slice my 3d models to print but im not trying to achieve this. Im trying to us eneroth slicer to cut the model im places and remove certain sections so i can resize the model in sketchup. This is an extension of sketchup that i have installed but cant seem to use? Yes twhen you import a model there are lots of polygons and most faces are missing or faulty but this is not a hard fix f you know what you are doing. I was wondering if nyone could advise why the slicer extension in sketchup does not work?
Thanks anyway