Help on How do I convert a SketchUp file to a GCode?

Help please! How do I convert a Sketchup file to a Gcode for 3D Printing? What plug in do I need and where do i find this? Do I need to get a Sketchup Pro? showbox

Your model needs to be exported in a file format which can be read by a slicer, which then converts it to the g-code.
Importantly, the model has to be printable (manifold - a fully enclosed volume)
The most common file type is .stl. All slicers can work with that.
The g-code usually is exported from the slicer in a format specific to a printer type.
I am not familiar with the export abilities of versions of SU apart from Pro, which has no restriction.

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Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro. If not, please update your profile…

All available versions of SketchUp can export to STL. The 2017 Make version might need a free extension that can be downloaded from the Extension Warehouse.

What @splatcreativeau said is correct.

First you need to export the model as an STL, which is by far the most common file for slicing. Figure out what version of SketchUp you have and look up how to export an STL with that version. I’m using SketchUp Web, and to export an STL from that, you go to the “hamburger” menu at the top left and go to Download > STL.

Then, you need to import the STL file into a slicing program– I use Ultimaker Cura– and set it up to slice the model for your specific 3D printer. Mine is a Creality Ender-3, so I have it set up for that.

I suggest you find some tutorials on how to do this– 3D Now on Youtube is a good one to start out with (, as well as Reddit’s r/3Dprinting forum.

Good luck! 3D printing is a lot of fun.