Are there any sketchup compatible easy to use slicing softwares for chromebook

i need to 3d print a model but i am using a chromebook and dont know if there are any easy to use slicing softwares compatible with chromebook. can you please help me

You could try an online slicer, that should work on a Chromebook.
All slicers I know are compatible with SketchUp. They all can open STL files.

There is also a bit more difficult way. It involves installing Linux as dual boot on your Chromebook. Most of the popular slicers have a Linux version.
This would mean that you have to learn about Linux though…

can you give me an example of a free of charge online slicer

ive seen that but i dont want to install linux. i dont find it nice to use and people have told me its not good

I think you are asking the wrong question, do you have a 3d printer or are you planning to send your model to someone for printing?

bring my model to someone

Then you don’t need a slicer at all!
Just send the STL-file and that other person can slice it using his/her printer profile.
If you would slice it, you would have to know witch printer the other person has and all of their settings used to optimize the Gcode for that specific printer.
You better leave that up to them!
Just make sure your STL-file is solid and printable.