Why isnt it compatible with chromebook?

Can I use this program for a chromebook? Im trying to download it and its imposible.

It’s because Chromebook doesn’t run Windows or Mac OSX.

Which other program can I use that is simular?

I don’t know of a program like SketchUp that will run on the Chrome OS. I expect you’ll have to find one that runs in the cloud.

Ok, thank you! Ill on google app.

Good luck.

You might decide it’s worth getting a PC or Mac to be able to use SketchUp.

I’m on a Google email list with a lot of Chromebook users. I’ll ask if anyone has any suggestions. Note too that SketchUp team members read these messages, and I’m sure your name will get added to the list of Chromebook users who want to use SketchUp!

Thank you! If I wont be able to use it, then maybe any other easy program would be fine, but I dont know none.

Someone made a suggestion. I haven’t spent much time with this, but maybe you could check it out, and let us know if it’s any good?