SketchUp for Chromebooks

I have a chromebook, and I’m hoping to use SketchUp but I know many softwares don’t work with chromebooks. Does anyone know if it works with chromebooks?

As far as I’m aware of, SketchUp is not compatible with Chromebooks. SketchUp runs on Microsoft Windows and MacOSX.

It doesn’t work with the Chrome OS. SketchUp is supported for Windows and Mac OSX.

Works with Chromebooks now

What if I want to download sketchup on a chromebook? what do I do?

What do you mean download SketchUp? The SketchUp desktop client versions work with Windows and Mac OS, not with Chrome OS. For Chromebook use the web version that is linked in the post before yours.

Hi, first time poster and new to SketchUp.

I just bought a Chromebook solely to use SketchUp Pro only to find out that the Pro version isn’t supported. I have the web version on an old p.c but it didn’t have enough RAM or speed to deal with Pro. I guess what i want to know is, is there much difference between the Pro versions and the Web versions? I’ve seen the table that shows what the differences are but i’m not super literate so don’t really know if i will be missing out without the Pro version.

I’m a garden designer and would like to start producing detailed designs on SketchUp but wasn’t sure if the web version was good enough for presenting to clients.

Help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t really afford the Chromebook so will take it back if i the web version would be adequate.

Many thanks

It would have been wise to check the hardware requirements before buying the ChromeBook.

There is a substantial difference between Pro and SketchUp Free. The pro version has more tools, more import/export options, the tools can be expanded with extensions, you get LayOut, and with the Pro Subscription, unlimited cloud storage and SketchUp Shop. You also wind up with a license that permits you to use it for commercial work which it sounds like you’ll need.

SketchUp Free has fewer tools, very limited import/export choices, no extensions, no LayOut, limited cloud storage and no license for commercial use.

For a hobbyist, SketchUp Free might be all that is needed but it clearly is not the right choice for you.

You’ll want to get a decent computer to run SketchUp. If you can return the ChromeBook, apply that money to that computer.

There is a good chance that the old PC will run the web version of SketchUp at least as well as the Chromebook. I think that you have just started a 30 day trial of SketchUp, and that does include the use of SketchUp Shop. You could try this page on the old PC, and the Chromebook, and see if there is any noticeable difference:

SketchUp web version

Fantastic, thanks so much for your advice, it’s truly appreciated.

Unfortunately i tried to download it on my old p.c but it just couldn’t handle it.

Many thanks for your time to respond, really appreciate it

I was talking about the web version, not the desktop application. In a recent version of Chrome or Edge, go to link that I gave. Does it work?

Thanks Colin. Yes, the free web version works but i need something more presentable to clients so looks like i will have to get a WindowsOS laptop for the Pro version i need.

Thanks bud

And since you are using SketchUp for your work, you need a version that is licensed for that. SketchUp Free is not.

With SketchUp Pro you’ll also have LayOut which is great for creating the documentation you need to send to clients as well as others who might need information about your project.

Thank you Dave, you’ve been super helpful, much appreciated