Chromebooks and SketchUp Versions

What versions of SketchUp will run on a Chromebook, is it only SketchUp for Schools? I know some versions will cost money but I need to be prepared in case distance learning is in effect for this next school year. I have always taught Autodesk Maya but have been using SketchUp for Schools these past six weeks. It has been fine in the short run but I need something more powerful that will run on a Chromebook if I cannot get my students back in my computer lab. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

To run SketchUp on a Chrome Book you will need to use one of the web-based versions. Of the three, Sketchup for Schools and SketchUp Shop are the most “powerful”. The desktop versions are only supported for Windows and Mac OS. Not Chrome.

What do you need to be able to do that you can’t with SketchUp for Schools?

Character modeling, animating, and rendering. Is any of that possible using SketchUp?

SketchUp isn’t specifically designed for character modeling but it can be done. Animations can be created in the desktop versions. I’ve not heard of any rendering applications that can work with SketchUp and run on Chrome but there might be some.