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Hi I have an account for SketchUp free and have created my model. At all stages it has been saved and the model is complete and ready to be sent to the slicer. What arrives at the slicer is not just the model but the X,Y,Z axis lines and also Ty who was my designated onlooker. I deleted the model and totally redrew it with exactly the same problem. Can you tell me what I have missed or done incorrectly. Thank you, Andrew

Share the SketchUp file with us so we can see what you are working with.

Please how do I do that?

14May signal box (4).stl (157.9 KB)
Hi Dave

Did that work
Thanks Andrew

Delete the designated onlooker before you download the stl.

I asked for the SketchUp file. Download that to your computer and then share that file.

Hope this is correct


14May signal box (4).stl (158 KB)

What @DaveR is asking to see is the .skp file not the .stl
So go to the download section and choose the one that says .skp and then attach that here.

14May signal box.skp (128 KB)

As I said earlier, Delete the figure, you have it hidden in your model.
Unhide it and delete it then download your stl.

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Thank you for your help.

Take care

It seems like the STL exporter is a resident of the Sketchup Island of Misfit Tools.

It puzzles me that the exporter chooses to include invisible/hidden objects in an exported STL file. It’s a constant source of frustration for me. Yes, I sometimes forget to check for hidden objects when I want to export a snapshot STL of a project. But more importantly it forces me into some really awkward workflows when I periodically want to 3D print a snapshot of part of a project.

At a minimum, the exporter should not export hidden objects. More generally, the exporter should also allow one to select which objects to export.

The .stl needs to be a manifold solid to print correctly. You are at a disadvantage using the web product that does not allow the use of extensions like Solid Inspector2 to check the model. Proper techniques while working can prevent many errors.

I think Solid Inspector is included with SketchUp Free. It certainly is with SketchUp Go.

@mike.whiten I think as long as you are using SketchUp Free and until anything changes, you need to basically train yourself to create your model in a way that suits your need. Get rid of elements you don’t need. Delete stuff from the model if needed. Save first if those things are needed later and then use Save as… to create a new file with only the object you are interested in.

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