Adding Slicer Tool Extension to Sketchup for Schools


I am a HSC Design & Technology student. I am using Sketchup for Schools to design a 3D model for my Major Design Project. My plan was to develop the design in Sketchup and then export the surfaces of my design as 2D vectors to be laser cut and constructed.

To achieve this, I need to add the Slicer Tool extension, however I am having difficulty adding this feature to the Schools version. Do I need to download the Pro version or is there an alternative way I can convert my 3D designs into 2D vectors for cutting? I would rather not have to learn a new program such as Autocad as I am already confident with this program.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The web based versions of SketchUp do not have an option to use extensions. You would need to use an external slicer application. You could export an stl file from SketchUp to send to the slicer.

Or if this is just for your hobbyist use, you could perhaps use SketchUp 2017 Make.

I don’t remember whether the schools version has export to .dwg/.dxf if it does you can arrange the faces in parallel perspective and output files that most lasers can read.

thank you

is there a specific tool in that version of sketch-up or extension that achieves the same results as the slicer tool?

No. You could do it manually.

I often use SketchUp for Schools to design for laser cutting and I’ve found that the most efficient workflow is to create a “constructible” 3D model from the start. To do this I build my model using the materials I intend to cut (i.e. 1/4" or 1/8" plywood). That way I know exactly how all of the panels will fit together and any connecting elements like finger joints or slots are incorporated into the design.

Then, when you’re ready to export a model for cutting, all you have to do is lay each piece flat, switch to top elevation view / parallel projection and export the 2D geometry. Boom, laser cut-able 3D model!