Creating and exporting a net from a sketchUp model



Using SketchUp for Schools what I’m hoping to do is have students design simple structures that we can 3D print but then also export a net of the shape as svg or some other equivalent format so that we could cut it out as a flat form that would fold into the 3D model. Any thoughts on the best way to go about this?


Good luck buddy


There are extensions like this one that might do what you want:


Unfortunately Colin, extensions don’t work in SU for Schools.


Ah, good point. They would work in Make 2017 I think, would that be an option?


Not sure how this surfaced but thanks for thinking about it! I have found a way that seems to be working. Students copied faces and rotated them to make them flat and then moved them into place. We can then export an svg for cutting. They got pretty good a rotate and move so that was an added bonus!