Workflow for Sketchup with Glowforge

We are looking to have students use the web version of Sketchup to create models for 3D printing. After watching a few videos and reading a few posts, I think I understand the process. I’m looking for someone to chime in to validate this workflow or suggest a different/better one.

1a. Student use web version of Sketchup for web to create a model.
1b. The model gets saved to their Google Drive and shared with the teacher.
2a. The teache retrieves the model from Google Drive and loads it into the Windows version of Sketchup 2019.
2b. The teacher has either the FlightsOfideas extension of getFabber extension to prepare the model for export as a SVG file
3. Export validated model and load it into the GlowForge app.

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If you have Google education, your domain might be white listed for the Google app.

As a teacher, you can have a high educational subscription for free, which will allow you to install the desktop version, so you can use extensions!

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