Downloading Model from Sketchup FREE

I am looking at using Sketchup Free for students to draw project plans. Parts of their plans need to be able to be brought over to our CNC router so we can cut out parts. How do we get models from our account to a format I can import into our CadCAM program? CADCAM program is Aspire

You need to have one machine with Sketchup desktop (Pro/Make) for this and you probably need Pro, I can’t remember off the top of my head what extensions Make exports at. However I think you can get an educational license.

So all the students use FREE in the web and then you collate the models on the desktop and export to the router.

If the gcode generator for your CNC router can import .stl files, then you can just upload the models to the 3dWarehouse, check the option for making a printable file, wait a few minutes, then download the .stl file!

Can the Students share their Free Models with me? or do they all have to sign in to their account on the Desktop computer?. I was just thinking If I was signed in on the desktop unit and then the students could access their plans via my account.

Thanks for the help

Will have to check. Thanks for the idea

sjdorst is correct anyway if the router does accept .stl, I forgot you can download as that.

Well can create a single ‘class’ login for them to upload when finished, then they will all be in the same account and it’s less messy.

I am teaching architectural design and I have tried to do similar things at my university, for me this technique does not work. This is not correct to show workarounds. In my opinion better is to have pro license for all students and teach them entire workflow.

Sure that sounds about right then :+1:

What’s the difference between Pro and Education, just the price and the commercial aspects of the license?

And there is no permanent licenses.

Aha I see, well it sounds like that’s the solution then.

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