Difference between Free & Pro

Can you upload autocad drawings to SketchUp Free? If so, how? The cloud based version is new to me.

No. Not directly. You could import the CAD file into SketchUp Pro and save the file. Then open it in SketchUp Free. Of course you’d need SketchUp Pro to do that.

The key thing to remember is that the free versions of SketchUp are not allowed for commercial use. Basically, if you are using SketchUp for anything more than hobby use, you need to be using Pro.

Thank you. I am a high school teacher. We would be using it to design and build from AutoCAD drawings.

You should contact the SketchUp folks directly and ask them about an educator’s license for SketchUp Pro. See the link: Contact Support | SketchUp Help

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Yes I will thank you.

Pro looks and feels like a tool. It runs locally on your computer in its own window, works without an internet connection, has a conventional interface with standard menus and support plugins. Free runs in a tab of the web browser, misses shortcuts that collide with browser shortcuts, doesn’t allow custom shortcuts, looks and feels like a toy or smartphone app, has unconventional menus that needs to be re-learned to be able to do simple things like saving and opening documents, and has no support for plugins.

I think of pro as a rough metal toolbox, extendable with new tools, and having slightly sharp edges, and Free as a brand new, quilte elegantly designed, brightly colored, plastic toy hammer that squeaks when you hit something with it.


Pro is the rusty toolbox that squaeks whenever you open it or bloat it with another extension, you would always have to drag it along, not knowing if needed or not.
Free is everywhere, prepared for the things that come, the internet of things, the giant ‘machine’ the world turns into, if you need something ‘done’ collaboration is key, be it with a person or extension, and they could be anywhere…

@MikeWayzovski, don’t forget that it’s easier to (as you say) will have to drag your rusty toobox with you than to keep dragging a cable reel with you to connect you to the internet.
All the craziness aside, there are too many unnecessary differences between menus in the free version vs the pro and make versions.
And why is the default “material” (still?) missing from the ’ In Model’ material collection? As a workaround you need to create a new face that you can then sample the material from.
Free is a clever program but can’t be compared with the downloaded/installed SketchUp versions.

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I’ve done that in previous years, namely, used my copy of Pro to open a DWG file and save the result as a SketchUp file which I then gave to students to use as a starting point for their exercise.

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