Sketchup Pro for CNC users

i have just purchased a new wood CNC has anyone used sketchup to do there drawing? and if so can you help me import them into another program. When I save a file I am not able to open it and export it.

What machine? What does it need for file format?

You might have a look at this thread:

As well as several others.

Longmill cnc

I use a Nextwave CNC Shark HD4 at work. I’ve never used SU for the drawings as it came with VCarve Desktop. I think that VCarve can import SU files but I never had the need to do so. The only formats I did import where vector graphics and Acad.

You can import older SU files with Vectric, however it estimates the arcs and circles, so if you’re doing real precision work you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Fabber actually picks up the arcs and circles and can help them get those into VCarve/Aspire for you properly, even on modern versions of SketchUp.

We also have a version that creates G Code for you directly too!