Sketchup and Laser Engraving

Has anyone tried using a Sketchup 2d drawing to laser engrave material?

Check these threads:

I know almost nothing about this topic, but if you find that one of the options is to export a DXF file, check out this video Aaron made, where he shows how to get true curves out to DXF from a SketchUp model:


I’ve done this before, let me know if I can help.

Eric, you have been successful using Sketchup in conjunction with a laser engraver?

I’m interested with your input to use Sketchup with a laser.


Hey sorry for not getting right back to you, I missed this notification.

So there are a few ways you can get vectors out of SketchUp.

Assume you can get SVG and DXF files into your machine you have a couple of choices:

You can use some free off exporters for SVG files:

This one is specific to the Shaper Origin, so the exports are scaled for that tool, and color coordinated for that tool as well. There’s a good chance they can work with your laser, but watch the scale.

You can use the Fabber exporter that I created: It’s a commercial plugin. It’ll work for your laser in that you can tune the scale if you need.

Another option if you’re on SketchUp pro is to export a DXF/DWG file. This is a little tricky, but totally doable if you follow the steps.