Blue Axes pointing down?

When trying to change my green and red axes to point correctly (solid green north, solid red east, solid blue up). If I realign red to east and spin green to north , solid blue points down. There seems to be no combination of moves that allow solid blue to point up unless I misalaign north and east. The model is geolocated. Im using sketchup 2020.1 on windows 10. Would love to know why and how to fix this. Thanks!

Right-clicking on an axis line and selecting Reset from the context menu should work. Then select one of the standard views from the View menu. If your model, after this, looks like it is on its side or upside down, you should rotate it instead of the axis.

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The default axis orientation is set so solid green points north and solid red, east even if geo-located. Reset as Anssi directed should set it up correctly for you.

I rarely use Geo locate so anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the downsides of using it is that you lose the alignment of the native standard views. This means you need to set up scenes for these views.
I think?

The standard views are fixed in such a way that the Front view looks north, Right looks west, etc. The views are not at all linked to the axes. If the axes are rotated to make it easier to model a structure that is not aligned north/south, those standard views won’t align with the structure. Rotating the axes does not change where SketchUp’s compass points are.

Yep that’s what I thought, so if you have a rectangular house that isn’t sitting n s e w the elevations won’t be on the standard views. And changing the world axis won’t fix that.

That’s exactly right. And of course if the front of the house is on the north side you would need to choose the Back view to show the front.

As far as that goes, up is up no matter which way the solid blue line points. You can see that with a style that shows the horizon.

The standard views are tight to the “reset” axes, the systems axes.
For other elevations you need changing the axes temporarily and then saved scenes with blue perpendicular to the screen towards you (so green up) and ‘Align View’ on an axes. Per facade.