Rotating model along blue axes?


Somehow my model is not flat with the red and green axes. Im trying to rotate the model along the blue axes, as of now all my lines are following the current axes at an angle from some points that are at 0 z level. I dont know how this happend, but is there a way to adjust my model or the axes to agin draw on the same flat level?


Hard to tell from your description just what is happening.

Upload the model here if it is less than 3MB file size, or to 3dwarehouse, or Dropbox or another file sharing site, with a link here, if it is bigger.

It should be possible to rotate the model back onto the axes, using Camera/Parallel projection, successive use of Front and Side views, and the Rotate tool.


Ive uploaded the model onto 3d Warehouse as noda_alley5


It looks to me as if your model is upside down. Are you trying to turn it right side up and make it level?


Trying to make it level.


Check your private messages.


Since the model comes in from the 3D Warehouse as a component, the quickest and easiest fix is to change the component’s axes so they align with the appropriate edges. After that you can delete the component from the model space and bring a new instance in from the In Model components collection. In this case the model is upside down and tilted a bit. Changing the axes with red and green along the edges that should be horizontal and the blue runs in the ‘up’ direction of the buildings, the instance dragged in from the Components window will have the correct orientation.


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