Rotated red/blue/green Axes

Sketchup problem.pdf (753.6 KB)Here’s an issue that has happened once before and I had to basically copy all the parts of the model into a new file. For some yet unknown reason, I open up my sketchup file and I see that the red/blue/green axes (that’s plural for axis, right?) have rotated. Is there something I’m inadvertently doing that causes this ?

Probably. You might be inadvertently clicking on the origin and changing the axis orientation. If you move the model away from the origin so you have clear access to it (or just hide the stuff around the origin) you should be able to right click on the origin and click Reset to fix it.

Yes. Or a bunch of tools for chopping down trees. :smiley:

Can’t tell from a PDF, but most likely you did something to change the model axes.

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