Using click-move-click as suggested in the tutorial doesnt work

I am new to sketchup up and trying to follow the video tutorials but the way the describe to do things doesnt work - for drawing a rectangle they say i should click-move-click but doing this does not show a preview of the rectangle before the second click (dragging which they say not to do works correctly - i see the preview as i drag).

Push/pull tool simply does nothing if i click then move, again dragging works.

I have no idea why both the written instructions and the video tutorial both suggest using clicks when they dont seem to work…

Hmmm… I’ve done this so long it is second nature so I had to try both dragging out a rectangle with the rectangle tool and Push/Pull on a face. In both cases It’s click, move the cursor and click again. Exactly as the tutorials describe.

Are you using a mouse? What kind?

Perhaps you could complete your profile with the graphics card in your computer.

I have tried with both an external mouse and the trackpad same behaviour in both cases.

I’ve added my graphics card details

Look at Preferences>Drawing. What is selected for Click Style?

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It was set to auto detect but the behaviour is the same whatever i set it to…

That’s odd. I don’t see that behavior at all with Auto-detect. What kind of mouse did you try it with? You really shouldn’t be using a trackpad with SketchUp anyway.

Sure I wasn’t intending to be using the trackpad but thought it was worth trying when you asked about the mouse to rule that out as a problem. The mouse is a mad-catz rat 3.

Have you got access to a simple three-button mouse from Logitech or Microsoft? Even just to borrow for a little while.

Hi Neil, hi folks.

A click is a press then a release of the Left Mouse Button (LMB).

To draw a rectangle you click to start the rectangle, then you move to set the opposite corner and finally you click again to complete the rectangle.

However, you can also press the LMB, move the mouse and then release the LMB to draw a rectangle. I tried it with a mouse and the trackpad on my Macbook Pro and both ways work well.


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Good point, Jean. Is it possible it’s something simple like a misunderstanding of what the click is?

Hi Dave,

I did a check after posting and then discovered that the other method also works. See my revised post.



I definitely know the difference between a click and a drag.

Like I say the click method half works for drawing a rectangle - the second click will complete the rectangle but there is no preview along the way. (if I drag the rectangle I get the preview as I drag it out)

Push/pull doesn’t show a preview after the first click and then does nothing on the second click.

I will see if I can find another mouse but to be honest I would be very surprised if that is the cause since both my mouse and trackpad produce the exact same behaviour.

tbh dragging feels more natural to me but the video tutorial is explicit in saying that you should always be clicking rather than dragging (I guess there are some more advanced operations where this makes things easier)

I just Click and hold it clicked…i dont let go of my click until the " operation " is completed…so no 2nd click…drawing a line is click and let go then click again when reached desired place.

Hi Niel, hi folks.

The problem might be caused by the graphic card.

If you haven’t done it already, go to Open-GL preferences and disable “Use hardware acceleration” or “Use fast feedback” or both.

If this solves the problem, you may need to update your graphic card driver.


@fynger, this is usually NOT a recommended way of drawing. it sure is difficult to type in any measurement whist you are using this method. - you are already one hand less, and your trusty dragging hand will often move your curser, making all the measurement typed useless. And this method is prone to a lot of mistakes especially for beginners.

You can stick to it if you find it better suit for yourself, but I don’t think it should be recommended to other new starters.

As far as I understand, click-move-click is superior to hold-drag-release.

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ah OK…tis just the way i found it to work better as I dont work to precise measurements.

@fynger How do you use the move tool, do you click and drag?
It’s more obvious with the move tool than with some of the others, click move click is so much easier.

Yeah - Click and Drag, then hope its gone to the right place before letting go…if i’m doubtful i’ll move to nearby then Zoom in to get a better shot at it…You have to remember tho I dont draw anything with precise dimensions…I just build my models for my own fun and most of the details are just done by eye and guesswork…I’m liking the fact of trying other folk’s suggestions tho because i’m discovering many easier ways to do things and i get to use them as a better alternative…thanks.

Personally I think that click-move-click has a couple of advantages that dragging doesn’t have:

  • it’s easier to use the inference guidelines (hover over a point, edge or mid-point to get a temp guideleine to snap to)
  • you can use the middle mouse button to rotate, pan and zoom the view before the ‘positioning’ click (without finger gymnastics)
  • you are less likely to get finger-strain from holding down the button.
  • it’s easier to use with other input devices like touch pads and roller-balls
  • it’s much harder to accidentally move things by ‘just a little bit’ when selecting objects

(Note that click-drag can be disabled from Window | System Preferences | Drawing | Click style : you will still be able to hold the mouse button and it will drag, but it won’t place without another click.)

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Thx VM, solved my problem!