SketchUp is a little "clunky"

This program is “clunky” every time you move around or try to place an object in a specific area, It shoots it across the plain. So you have to reset the object to find it again. Even rotational movements are clunky, your all over the place and have to reset to gain positions of were your object is located. I think its buggy and needs attention to resolve the clunky nature of this program. The more you build and add on objects to your project, the worse the problem becomes. It really throws your parts all over the place badly. This needs some serious attention. I really like this program, I truly give it two thumbs up, just needs this issue resolved. Unfortunately its just a little CLUNKY. It really is a nice program to work with and nice to build objects.

@zulufuzzybear08, how long have you been using SketchUp?

If would be very helpful if you could video-capture a short sequence that demonstrates the problem you are encountering. If that is impractical, then perhaps a few static screen-captures of the before-and-after state of what you see in the SketchUp viewport would help.

I can assure you that SketchUp provides some of the most precise movement and rotation operations I’ve ever seen. That highlight is part of what makes it so great in fact, and it is baked into most of the tools as well.