Dynamic Component issue happening after several days working on

I made several Dynamic Component, like doors, windows … in a model.
Every things were nice till today. Now, they doesn’t work as expected anymore.
They act in a strange way as you can see on this picture.

I tryed on different computers, I always have the issue.

I tryed to past the component on an other model. I doesn’t have the issue but i have to move my camera after the onclick action to “refresh” the door state (open, half open, close).

Any idea ?

I use Sketchup 2020 20.0.373

Hard to tell you exactly what the problem is without seeing the .skp file.

If they behave on their own in a new file and you experience this when you place them in the same file, its quite likely you have reused some parts without making them unique. You may have worked on them in a different file or time period. When put together again the common sub components interfere with each other.
You can check the entity info after selecting a sub to see how many instances there are. If the formula in their definitions is structurally the same but you are referencing different parents, then the fix is simply to replace the specific reference with the generic one,
my_part_name!an_attribute is replaced with parent!an_attribute
If the structure is different the make that sub unique and recreate the structure that has been replaced.
As Dave says, give us your files either here or private message to confirm or help to resolve

Also when I clickon the component, it sketchup is not able to close and finish to crash …

i didn’t use those component in other file. I have only one file at all …

Component how don’t have copies have also issue …

Can you confirm that installation of Sketchup as an administrator was followed?

Here is the link of my modele : https://we.tl/t-Cmej1BJWjm

Yes for administrator installation

You’re not making it easy for people here to help you. You could have isolated the problem component and just posted that here instead of the whole house. I think I see the door you mean after trying all the other ones that seem to be working. One of your doors, Porte_Fenetre#2 has a light fitting inside the component about 160m away.

Color Lure Globe Flush Mount

Porte Fenetre#2

I’ve seen that just after sending the model.

I sand the entire model because component in other models work well. I was afraid that sending only a part of the model make you unable to help me.

It also has what looks like a bath on its side inside the door component, as shown in your first post.

i tryed to make a cube, add a onclik to change de lenZ … it also have issue … :frowning: :sleepy:

on other models, no issue …

I just deleted the light before using onClick (the bath wasn’t there). I think it’s working ok now, but one time I was just trying to look at the component attributes and SketchUp was working on something for a few minutes and I had to force-quit it. It was clicking the ‘ChassiV2’ subcomponent that made SketchUp unresponsive.

Edit: Sorry but I have to give up on this now. Just pressing tab to go from one formula to the next in Component Attributes causes a huge delay here.

Well, i also have issue with the ruby “Toggle_Units” from Matt666. If have it i have huge delay on all animation.