HELP PLS! - Dynamic Component isn't working the same in other models

Hello, I have been running into an issue with my Door Dynamic Component. In the model, I have it working exactly how I want. However, when I try to save the dynamic component and get it added to my component library, the component doesn’t work in other models when I load it in. When I load the component into the file where the original component was created, it works well. When I load it into other sketchup files, the component doesn’t work as expected. The frame doesn’t size correctly and the positions are off. Many times when I tried to get this problem fixed, I would load the saved door component into other models and the option to make changes on the dynamic wouldn’t even be there.

If someone could help me resolve this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. The main goal is to be able to have this component working the same way it is in its original file location (IsoStore Door HD1) as it does when I import it into other models. Thanks in advance for the help!

IsoStore Door HD1.skp (648.1 KB)

You saved your file, not your component. If you explode it it works.
Try this one, you should throw it to your model, don’t open it.
IsoStore Door Dynamic.skp (553.6 KB)

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Thanks for the help. The issue ended up being that the model I was trying to use the dynamic door component in had a bunch of my old models of the dynamic door in it that hadn’t been purged. Something with that must have been messing with the component attributes of the final version of the door. It all works good now after purging and using the file you gave me. Thanks for the help!

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