Dynamic Component loads as #1 without the attributes

Hi all. I really need help. I’ve been following all the SketchUp Tutorials on Dynamics Components, and thought that I had it all figured out, until I started doing it myself. I created the dynamic component, added all the attributes need, and then saved it.
Now everytime, I want to add the dynamic component to a file, it brings it up with a #1 behind the name and doesn’t show any of the atttribute fields.
I’ve created an image below for you to see what I’ve done. Is there a step that I’m missing that I haven’t done?

If you could share your model, it would be easier to determin where it might went wrong.

Very new to all this … how do I share my model with you :confused:

‘simply’ drag and drop the file from your computer into your reply

Board_SidePanel.skp (947.6 KB)

Here is the model.
The current size is 800mm; but needs to be adjusted in length at 160mm increments as we require.

Ok, so when you insert your component ‘Board_SidePanel’, it kinda inserts it twice!

The inserted component called ‘Board_SidePanel #1’ contains the base component ‘Board_SidePanel’, that’s why it added the #1 at the end (so if you see the #1 after inserting a component, it’s like a reminder inside that #1 component might be another component with the same name).
Your Outliner will show the #1 instance of the component with inside the base component:

If you explode the component once and ‘purge’ all unused components, it will only keep the main component ‘Board_SidePanel’ together with its atributes.
Your Outliner will only show one instance of the base component:

Do hope this helps and makes some sence

To save a component as a component file you right click the selected component, then from the context menu you choose “saveas” and save to a folder of your choice, otherwise open the second pane of the component browser and set it to the folder of choice, the first pane being at the home tab, then drag and drop

I have saved the component using both your ways you mention. Saving the component isn’t the problem. It is when I pull the component into another template that I have the problem mentioned above.

This way?

Thank you, what you have suggested works.
I’d still be curious to know what it does this because it now means that each and every time I use ths dynamic component I have to first “Explode” the component before I can start working with it.

Shouldn’t it just load the component into the template and you can use it right away without doing other steps first?

Yes, I have done that.

My problem is when I now use that dynamic component in other template it loads it within another one. And as AnnoNiem pointed, I have to explode it first before it will allow me to use the attributes on the component.

Yes it is a bit strange inserting one model which contains the component you want to insert. This also happens when inserting a 3dwarehouse model from the component library, no clue (yet) why this happens.

Before saving it as a component file, you need to explode the double wrapped one first then overwrite (saveas) via the context menu.

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this should not be happing, if a warehouse file has the DC symbol then it should directly work as a component not as an inserted file

Thank you … I’ll give this a try. If I have any issues, then I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

I did exactly what you showed in the video; but still does the same and loads the component within a component :confused:

I could not recreate the problem. Opened your file and the secondary component window. Dragged your component into the “Component Sampler” folder. From a new untitled document, dragged your component from “Component Sampler” folder into the Modeling Window.

Tried dragging your component into a .skp named, “Board_SidePanel”. That didn’t do it.

In the past I have not been able to change component names when saving into the same folder in which the original was saved and had nested components (that needed ‘exploding’). At the time I had multiple .skp files open with Dynamic Component Options and Attributes open in most of them. It seemed to be a ‘glitch’ with DCs ‘acting’ like they were accessing the older version that I wanted to change. Try restarting SU and keeping the Dynamic Attributes and Options panels closed before saving to a different folder.

try “saveas” and change the version to 2021

Saved as 2020 ('21 wasn’t an option), dragged into 3D Warehouse (which overwrote existing) opened a new '22 and dragged in:

Screenshot 2022-06-09 101337

One thing to note was that I was using “_” in my naming (as in “This_Component”) and then switching to ALL_CAPS on finished components as I built out the set I wanted to create. I started to save to a different folder because the names would seem to revert. I was doing that because I didn’t want to retype all of the attributes… and I was having unwanted nesting. I definitely had numerous instances of SU open, each with Dynamic Components open.